The Washington County Regional Medical Center Imaging department offers all types of imaging modalities such as:  X-Rays, Flouros, CAT Scans, Ultra Sounds, ABIs, Bone Densities, Full Field Digital Mammography, Nuclear Medicine, MRIs.

Please make sure you bring your driver’s license, insurance card and your physician’s order upon arrival to the outpatient registration area.

Our department is staffed from 8am until 5pm for outpatient tests. If you have any questions about scheduling your test please contact the Radiology department.

Please note the following with regards to obtaining your test results on a CD:

** You can call Medical Records to request your CD or come to the Switchboard and request your CD.  Either option will require you to fill out a release form and provide a valid driver’s licenses.    If you do not need your CD for a few days, calling would allow for your CD to be finished and waiting for pick-up, or if you have the time to wait you can come directly to the Switchboard. ONLY the patient can pick-up their CD, unless they obtain a release, sign it, and list the individual that will be picking up the CD. **  For more information about the tests we offer please contact the Radiology Department at 478-240-2135.

Procedure:  MRI

Preparation for the exam:  Most MRI exams require no preparations. If you are having an abdominal MRI, then you cannot eat or drink after midnight. Wear comfortable clothes with no metal and remove all jewelry and hairpins prior to arrival. You CAN NOT have an MRI if you have a PACEMAKER.

Test information:  Prior to your exam you will be required to fill out an information sheet and will possibly need bloodwork. If you have had any implants, please bring any information with you or contact radiology before your exam. An MRI is a painless exam, that uses a magnet to obtain pictures, instead of radiation. These exams do take at least an hour and sometimes longer to complete. You will be required to hold very still. If you are claustrophobic, inform your physician PRIOR to your exam.

Instructions after the exam:  If there are any instructions after your exam, the technologist will inform you.

Procedure:  Cat Scan (Computerized Tomography)

Preparation for the exam:  For any contrast exams, you should not eat or drink anything after midnight. Please bring medications with you to your exam. Check with your doctor if you have any questions, or you may call the radiology department directly at 240-2135, ext 0.

Test information:  Cat scan exams show more detailed information, than routine x-rays. Some exams require different preparations and may require bloodwork. You may also be required to fill out a consent form. Procedure times will vary. You may be required to arrive early to drink oral contrast for your exam. You should wear comfortable clothes with no metal.

Instructions after the exam:  Any instructions after the exam will be given to you by the technologist. Otherwise, resume your usual activities.

Procedure:  Digital Mammography

Fully Accredited and staffed with Registered Technologist

Preparation for the exam:  Please do not wear powder, deodorant, creams or lotions on your breast or underneath your arms, the day of your exam.

Test information:  Mammography is an exam that takes pictures of the breast tissue. It does require a small amount of radiation and compression. If you are having any problems or you are asked to return for further pictures, special views will be obtained to better visualize specific areas.

Instructions after the exam:  There are no instructions necessary after the exam.

Procedure:  BE, GI, Swallow and Small bowel studies

Preparation for the exam:  You cannot have anything to eat or drink after midnight.

BE:  You will be required to take a colon prep the day before your exam

IVP/BE:  24 Hour BE/IVP Prep On the day before your test, have a light breakfast such as dry toast and eggs. Begin fluids. Have a liquid lunch such as clear broth, jello, tea, or Gatorade.  At 2pm, drink a bottle of Magnesium Citrate, continuing with hourly fluids. Have a liquid dinner.

  • Continue hourly fluids.
  • At 9pm, take three (3) Dulcolax tablets.
  • Continue hourly fluids until bedtime.
  • Nothing to eat or drink past midnight.
  • On the day of your exam, nothing to eat or drink until after your test.**ALL fluids should be clear**

Test information:  GI, Swallow exams, small bowel exams: You will be required to drink special liquids that will show the GI tract on the pictures. Some exams take longer than others. BE: A special liquid will be introduced into your rectum to allow the liquid to fill the colon. After filling the colon, multiple pictures will be taken.

Instructions after the exam:  You will need to drink a lot of fluids for the next two days and may require a mild laxative to clear the contrast liquids.

Procedure:  Nuclear Medicine

Preparation for the exam:

  • Nuclear medicine preparations are specific to each exam.
  • Bone scan:  No prep
  • GI bleed scan:  No prep
  • Hida scan:  nothing to eat after or drink after midnight and NO medications.
  • Lung scan:  No prep
  • Muga:  No prep
  • Stress test (cardiac): Instructions:  No food or drink after midnight. Bring medications with you. Wear comfortable clothes and tennis shoes.
  • Thyroid:  No thyroid medications or x-ray dye 6 to 8 weeks prior to the exam.

Test information:  Times will vary and some procedures require 2 part testing. An isotope will be introduced into your body to allow a special camera to image for your exam. This isotope does contain a small amount of radiation.

Instructions after the exam:  Resume your normal activities.

Special considerations:  Reason you may not be able to have Nuclear Scans- pregnancy or breast feeding and any exams in which you may have had a barium product in the past few days. For these issues consult your physician.

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