Departments at Washington County Regional Medical Center

Welcome to Washington County Regional Medical Center. Thank you for choosing your local hospital for your healthcare needs. We look forward to serving you and your family. Our staff is composed of dedicated, compassionate people who are committed to our mission to be the community’s preferred choice for healthcare services. Our vision is to help the people of Washington County and surrounding areas live healthier and happier lives.

We believe that we can fulfill this mission and vision by partnering with you in your care.

Acute Care

Phone:  (478) 240-2300

Mary Dollar, Department Manager


Phone: (478) 240-2100

Pam Stewart, CEO
John Wiggins, CFO
Gracie Yates, Executive Administrative Assistant

Business Office

Phone: (855) 866-1172

Adam Howard, Department Manager


Phone:  (478) 240-2180

Carrie Usry, Department Manager

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Phone:  (478) 240-2199

Mike Padgett, Department Manager

Emergency Room

Phone:  (478) 240-2011

Shelli Kitchens, Department Manager

Extended Care Facility

Phone:  (478) 240-2099

LaShawn Wright, Department Manager
Stacey Bennett, Case Management / Social Services

Family Practice

Phone:  (478) 240-3013

Tosha Hohmann, Department Manager

General Surgery

Phone: (478) 240-2052

Cheryl Wright, Department Manager

Human Resources

Phone:  (478) 240-2277

Tammy White, Department Manager

Infection Control/Employee Health

Phone:  (478) 240-2268

Haley Taylor, Infection Preventionist/Employee Health

Intensive Care Unit

Phone: (478) 240-2335

Mary Dollar, Department Manager


Phone:  (478) 240-2150

Lynn Miller, Department Manager

Marketing / Public Relations

Phone:  (478) 240-2085

Vickie Lane, Department Manager

Medical Records

Phone: (478) 240-2089

Lila Jones, Department Manager

Medical Staff Management

Phone: (478) 240-2286

Katie Pittman, Medical Staff Coordinator
Lila Jones, Department Manager

Operating Room

Phone:  (478) 240-2191

Cheryl Wright, Department Manager

Pediatric Clinic

Phone:  (478) 552-0006

Kathy Sheppard, Department Manager


Phone:  (478) 240-2311

Josh Brannen, Department Manager

Physician Specialty Clinic

Phone:  (478) 552-3989

Terri Jackson, Department Manager

Radiology / Imaging

Phone:  (478) 240-2139

Christina Powell, Department Manager


Phone: (478) 240-2115

Sharon Rawlings, Department Manager

Rehabilitation Services

Phone:  (478) 540-2175

Michelle Evans, Department Manager

Respiratory Therapy

Phone:  (478) 240-2170

Jill Johnson, Department Manager

Same Day Surgery

Phone:  (478) 240-2072

Cheryl Wright, Department Manager

Sleep Lab

Phone:  (478) 552-1030

Jill Johnson, Department Manager

Swing Bed Program

Phone:  (478) 240-2345

Teleshia Lyman, Department Manager

Wellness Center

Phone:  (478) 240-2391

Wesley Logue, Department Manager

Wound Care Clinic

Phone:  (478) 240-2040

Vickie Johnson, Office Manager