Washington County Regional Medical Center is Walking with a Doc

Washington County Regional Medical Center invites you to join us as we have joined over 600 communities that Walk with a Doc.  Did you know that walking is one of the best things we all can do to improve our health? Clilck to view over 100 reasons to walk.   https://walkwithadoc.org/join-a-walk/why-walk/

Walk with a Doc was started to “encourage physical activity and reduce the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.” While that is still 100% true, we have found that the simple act of walking together has the power to transform lives and communities worldwide. When we walk together, each step can bring us closer to truly understanding and appreciating each other as a global community. 

Today, Walk with a Doc is inspiring communities through movement and conversation. We believe that diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and justice are integral to our mission and are committed to prioritizing these principles in all our work. For more information or join us on Wednesday click the link https://walkwithadoc.org/join-a-walk/locations/sandersville-georgia/